our dogs :)

Our FurKids -

The combination of the french bulldogs and pugs is rightly the funniest entertaining mix. Our unconditional love for the two breeds keeps us very focused and driven to perfect the breeds within our stud. Whether we be at our tranquil cottage home or out and about at a show we are always captivated by our dogs and their willingness to please.


Pugs -

‘Tranabby’ pugs are one of a kind. In 2009 Tranabby engaged in our first pug (Miss Puggles), we were in love with the breed within 5minutes of holding her. After that the addition grew, seeing them hanging off the washing on the line, chasing one and another for countless hours, making their ridiculously cute snorts and sounds, and most of  all their unconditional love towards us just sealed your heart of love for them.  We know that pugs are unlike any other breed, to the end of the earth they will follow you. As long as they are by your side they are at their happiest! Once you have a Pug in your heart, it shall FOREVER be there! 


French Bulldogs -

A Frenchie is not a dog. NO. A frenchie is a real boy. We learnt this when we got our first french bulldog in 2012. Boo blessed our lives and we didn't get a new dog, we got a son/brother. We knew from boo that a french bulldog was beyond a perfect breed for us and went afar (New Zealand) and imported our first two frenchbulldog bitches Lizzie and Polly. 







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Tracy Ohl
Nanango, QLD, Australia
Phone : 07 41 635211
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